Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice has decided to retire from the NFL after seven injury-filled seasons, the team announced on Wednesday. A report cited his history with concussions as the reason for Rice’s decision to retire at age 27.

In a statement, Rice said, “After careful consideration and seven wonderful years playing in the National Football League, including the last three for the Seattle Seahawks, I have decided to retire from playing in the National Football League. I have enjoyed my experiences with all of my coaches, teammates and passionate Seahawks fans. I take great pride in knowing I was one of the players signed to help build the foundation of the team that ultimately won the Super Bowl. I’ll be joining the 12s in support of the Seattle Seahawks as they take on the challenge to repeat. I appreciate all of the wonderful opportunities and look forward to establishing myself as a businessman. I will always be a Seahawk!”

Rice missed the second half of last season with after having surgery for an ACL tear, and he was going to have a hard time making the Seahawks roster this season among a crowded receiving group.

Hawks’ Vice President/General manager John Schneider said in the statement: “The entire organization would like to thank Sidney for his leadership over the past three seasons. “His time as a Seahawks player displayed the core values that Pete and I aimed to bring to the program and Sidney is a true champion. We wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors.”

Since his rookie year in 2007, Rice has only made it through an entire season twice (2009, 2012), but one of those was his most productive years. In 2009 with the Vikings, Rice was voted to the Pro Bowl after tallying 1,312 receiving yards, the fourth-highest total in the NFL that year. 

The former second-round pick will finish his career with 3,592 receiving yards, 30 touchdown catches and that 2009 Pro Bowl appearance. (Photo: Associated Press)

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